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Life Insurance Miami, Hialeah and Broward

We can create a customized program that fits each individual case. We specialize in life, health and disability related products for both the individual and the corporate client.

We represent most of the major insurance carriers in each of the specialized fields. Our team will create an insurance program that fits your business plan. Our goal is to provide our clients with a business solution that will enhance any corporate package or personal need.

Our objectives include:
  • Design a plan best suited to fit your needs.
  • Research the market to find the most competitive product.
  • Present to you a concise, easy to interpret proposal that will allow you to make an informed decision.
  • Full implementation of all methodologies with a turnkey product for our clients.
  • Provide for ongoing Insurance service and plan administration.

Individual Life Insurance:
A protection against the loss of income that would result if the insured passed away. The named beneficiary receives the proceeds and is thereby safeguarded from the financial impact of the death of the insured.

The goal of life insurance is to provide a measure of financial security for your family after you die. So, before purchasing a life insurance policy, you should consider your financial situation and the standard of living you want to maintain for your dependents or survivors. For example, who will be responsible for your funeral costs and final medical bills? Would your family have to relocate? Will there be adequate funds for future or ongoing expenses such as daycare, mortgage payments and college? It is prudent to re-evaluate your life insurance policies annually or when you experience a major life event like marriage, divorce, the birth or adoption of a child, or purchase of a major item such as a house or business.

Pandora Insurance Agency will be happy to speak with you and assist with customizing a life insurance policy, with the proper coverages to meet your needs, the lowest price and the best carrier.

Group Life Insurance:
Life insurance offered by an employer or large-scale entity (i.e. association or labor organization) to its workers or members. Group life insurance is typically offered as a piece of a larger employer or membership benefit package.

By purchasing coverage through a provider on a "wholesale" basis for its members, the coverage costs each individual worker/member much less than if they had to purchase an individual policy. Those receiving coverage may not have to pay anything "out of pocket" for policy benefits or they may elect to have their portion of the premium payment deducted from their paycheck.

The employer or organization purchasing the policy for its workers or members retains the master contract. People who elect coverage through the group policy receive a "certificate of credible coverage," which will be necessary to provide to a subsequent insurance company in the event that the individual leaves the company or organization and terminates their coverage.

Pandora Insurance Agency will be happy to speak with you in customizing a Group life insurance policy, which will be financially feasible for your Company as well as beneficial to your employees.

Please contact us at 305-231-9898 or for additional information and a free quote.