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Health Insurance - Individual & Group Insurance

Group Health Insurance:
Group health insurance coverage is a policy that is purchased by an employer and is offered to eligible employees of the company (and often to the employees' family members) as a benefit of working for that company. A group health insurance plan is a key component of many employee benefits packages that employers provide for employees. The majority of Americans have group health insurance coverage through their employer or the employer of a family member. One of the advantages for employees in a group health plan is the contribution most employers make toward the cost of the health coverage premium—in many cases, employers pay one-half or more of the monthly premium for an employee. Because health insurance rates are re-negotiated each year based on the previous year's health care costs, some employers offer wellness programs for their employees. By keeping employees healthier, they can lower medical costs. Participation in these programs can sometimes make employees eligible for reduced health insurance premiums. For employees who pay a portion of the premium themselves (which is typical), this can mean eliminating some or all of that charge. Most group insurance plans are managed care plans, typically either HMOs or PPOs. They are also many other plans that can be included, such as Dental, Short Term and Long Term Disability, Life Insurance, Etc.

Individual Health Insurance:

Policies for people that are not covered under group polices provided by an Employer. Such as Self-employed individuals, individual that are currently unemployed or opt not take part in an Employer sponsored group program.