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Commercial & Business Insurance Products

Accident & Health
Adult Book Stores
Adult Day Care
Advertising Sign Companies - outdoor
Air Conditioning Equipment - dealers and distributors only
Air Conditioning Equipment Mfg.
Air Conditioning Systems or Equipment - dealers or distributors & installation/ servicing or repair
Alarm and Alarm Systems - installation/ servicing or repair
Alcohol & Drug Counseling
Amusement Centers
Antique Stores
Apartment Buildings - other than greater New York
Apartments with Mercantile
Appliance Distributors - household type
Appliance Installation & Repair
Appliance Stores - household type
Appliances and Accessories - installation/ servicing or repair/ household
Appliances and Accessories - installation/ servicing or repair/ commercial
Archery Ranges
Army and Navy Stores
Art Galleries (For Profit)
Arts and Craft Fairs
Athletic Events
Auto Shows
Automobile Dismantling
Automobile Parts and Supplies Distributors
Automobile Parts and Supply Stores
Automobile Renting or Leasing Companies
Automobile Repair or Service Shops - NOC
Automobile Repair Shops - self service
Bakery Plants
Banquet Facilities
Barber or Beauty Shop Supplies Distributors
Barber Shops
Basketball Shoots
Batting Cages
Beauty Parlors and Hair Styling Salons
Beauty Salons
Bed and Breakfast
Beverage Distributors - alcoholic other than beer
Beverage Distributors - nonalcoholic and beer
Beverage Stores - liquor and wine
Beverage Stores - soft drinks and beer
Bicycle Stores - sales and servicing
Bike Races
Boat Shows
Books and Magazine Stores (For Profit)
Boxes or Containers Mfg. - corrugated or fiber board
Boxes or Containers Mfg. - wood
Building Material Dealers
Building Material Distributors
Building of Premises - Bank or Office
Building of Premises - Bank or Office - mercantile or manufacturing - (lessor's risk only)
Building of Premises - Bank or Office - mercantile or manufacturing - maintained by the insured)
Bumper Boats
Business owners Package – Admitted
Cable Installation in Conduits or Subways
Camera and Photographic Equipment Stores
Candy or Confectionery Products Mfg.
Candy or Confectionery Stores
Car Washes
Car Washes - self-service
Carpentry - construction of residential property not exceeding three stories in height
Carpentry - interior
Carpentry - shop only
Carpet Cleaners
Carpet Installations
Carpet/ Rug/ Furniture or Upholstery Cleaning - on customer's premises
Carpet/ Rug/ or Upholstery Cleaning - shop only
Catalog or Premium Coupon Redemption Stores
Ceiling or Wall Installations - metal
Charity Events
Chemical Distributors
Child Day Care
Chimney Cleaning
Churches or Other Houses of Worship
Civic/ Social clubs
Cleaning or Renovating - outside surface of building
Clothing Mfg.
Clothing or Wearing Apparel Distributors
Clubs - civic/service or social - having buildings or premises owned or leased
Clubs – Private and Fraternal
Comedy Clubs
Commercial Auto (Select States)
Communication Equipment Installation - industrial or commercial
Communication or Recording Systems or Equipment Mfg. - industrial or commercial
Computer Data Processing Operations
Concerts Musicals
Concessionaires - checkroom/shoe shine or toilet concessions in hotels/restaurants/railroad stations/etc.
Concrete Construction
Concrete or Plaster Products mfg-Not Structural
Condominiums - commercial - bank or mercantile/ manufacturing or office (association risk only)
Condominiums - commercial - shopping centers (association risk only)
Condominiums - commercial warehouses - manufacturing or private (association risk only)
Condominiums - residential (association risk only)
Contractors - Executive Supervisors or Executive Superintendents
Convenience Stores
Copying and Duplicating Services - retail
Counseling Services
Country Clubs
Dance Studios
Day Spas
Debris Removal - construction site
Demolition contractors
Dental Laboratories
Department or Discount Stores
Directors and Officers Liability
Distributors - food or drink
Distributors - no food or drink
Door or Window Mfg. - other than wood
Door or Window Mfg. - wood
Door/ Window or Assembled Millwork - installation - metal
Driveway/ Parking Area or Sifewalk - paving or repaving
Driving Ranges
Drug Distributors
Drugstores - no table or counter service for beverage or food
Dry Wall or Wallboard Installation
Drywall Installation
Dude and Guest Ranches
Dwelling - four-family (less or’s risk only)
Electric Light or Power Line Construction - NOC
Electric Light or Power Line Construction - Rural Electrification Administration projects only
Electrical Apparatus - installation/ servicing or repair - NOC
Electrical Equipment Distributors
Electrical Equipment Mfg. - NOC
Electrical Wiring
Electrical Work - within buildings
Elevator or Escalator Inspecting/ Installation/ Servicing or Repair
Engineers or Architects - consulting - not engaged in actual construction
Equipment Breakdown
Equipment/Fixtures or Supplies - for bars/hotels/offices/restaurants or stores - distributors
Excess Liability
Fabric Distributors
Fabric Stores
Fence Dealers
Fence Erection
Fence Erection Contractors
Fine Dining
Fire Suppression Systems-Installation, Servicing or repair
Fishing Guides
Fishing Tournaments
Flea Markets
Floor Covering Distributors
Floor Covering Installation
Floor Covering Installations - not ceramic tile or stone
Floor Covering Stores
Formal Wear or Customs - rented to others
Freight Forwarders or Handlers - NOC
Frozen Food - distributors
Fruit or Vegetable Dealers
Fruit or Vegetable Distributors
Funeral Homes or Chapels
Fur - garments and pelts - distributors
Furniture and Fixtures Installation
Furniture Mfg. or Assembling - other than wood
Furniture Mfg. or Assembling - wood
Furniture or Fixtures - installation in offices or stores/ portable - metal or wood
Furniture or woodwork finishing/repair
Furniture or Woodworking Stripping - refinishing or repairing - shop only
Furniture Store
Furniture Stores (For Profit)
Furniture Stores (Not For Profit)
Gas Distributors-LPG
Gasoline Station - full service
Gasoline Station - self service
Gasoline Station - self service/full service
General Liability
Gentlemen’s Clubs
Gift Shop
Glass Dealers and Glaziers
Glass or Glassware Mfg.
Go-Kart Tracks
Golf Courses
Golf Hole in One
Golf Tournaments
Grading of Land
Grocery Distributors
Grocery Stores
Grocery Stores
Guide and Outfitters
Guniting or Shot-Crete
Halfway Houses
Hardware and Tool Distributors
Hardware Stores
Health & Exercise Clubs
Health and Exercise Clubs
Hearing Aid Stores
Heating and Air Conditioning
Heating or Combined Heating & Air Conditioning Equipment - dealers or distributors only
Heating or Combined Heating & Air Conditioning Equipment Systems or Equipment - dealers or distributors & installations/ servicing or repair
Heating or Combined Heating & Air Conditioning Systems or Equipment - dealers or distributors & installation/ servicing or repair - no liquefied petroleum gas (LPG) equipment/sales or work
Hired and Non-Owned Auto
Holiday Parties and Receptions
Home Improvement Stores
Homeless Shelters
Homeowners Associations
Hotels and Motels - (lessor's risk only) four stories or more
Hotels and Motels - (lessor's risk only) less than four stories
Hotels and Motels - with pools or beaches - four stories or more
Hotels and Motels - with pools or beaches - less than four stories
Hotels and Motels - without pools or beaches - less than four stories -
Hotels and Motels - without pools or beaches - four stories or more
House Furnishings Installations -NOC
Hunt Club
Hunting Leases
Hunting Preserves
Ice Cream Stores
Ice Dealers and Distributors
Identity Theft – Admitted
Inland Marine
Inspection and Appraisal Companies - inspecting for insurance or valuation purposes
Insulation Work - mineral
Insulation Work - organic or plastic in solid state
Insulation Work - plastic
Insurance Agents
Interior Decorators
Janitorial Services
Janitorial Supplies - dealers or distributors
Jewelry Mfg.
Jewelry Stores or Distributors
Landscape Gardening
Laundries and Dry Cleaners
Laundries and Dry Cleaning or Dyeing Receiving Stations
Laundries and Dry Cleaning Plants
Laundries and Dry Cleaning Stores
Lawn Maintenance
Leather Goods Mfg.
Liquor Liability
Logging Competitions
Machine Shops
Machinery or Equipment - industrial - installation/ servicing or repair
Machinery or Equipment - installation/ servicing or repair
Machinery or Equipment Dealers
Machinery or Equipment Dealers - yard or garden type
Machinery or Equipment Dealers - construction or industrial - mobile type
Machinery or Machinery Parts Mfg.
Machinery or Machinery Parts Mfg. - industrial type
Machinery or Machinery Parts Mfg. - metalworking
Martial Arts
Massage Therapists
Mattress or Box Spring Mfg.
Meat/Fish/Poultry or Seafood - distributors
Meat/Fish/Poultry or Seafood Stores
Medica/Hospital and Surgical Supply Store
Metal Dealers or Distributors - nonstructural
Metal Dealers or Distributors - structural
Metal Erection - decorative or artistic
Metal Erection - Non Structural
Metal Goods MFG
Metal Scrap Dealers
Metal Work Shop Decorative or Artistic
Mica Goods Mfg.
Mini Storage
Miniature Gulf
Mobile Home Parks or Courts
Musical Instrument Stores
Newspaper or Magazine Distributors
Non-franchised dealer
Nursery - garden
Office Machine Installation & Repair
Office Machine or Appliances - Installation, Inspection, adjustment or repair
One and Two Family Dwellings
Optical Goods Stores
Package Programs
Packing Houses
Paint mfg
Paint/Wallpaper or Wall covering Stores
Painting - exterior - building of structures - three stories or less in height - NOC
Painting - interior buildings or structures
Painting - shop only
Painting/Picture or Frame Stores
Paper Coating or Finishing
Paper Goods Mfg.
Paper Mfg.
Paper Products Distributors
Paper/ Rag or Rubber Stock Dealers and Distributors - secondhand
Parking - private
Parking - public- shopping centers maintained by insured (lessor's risk only)
Parking - public- shopping centers maintained by lessee (lessor's risk only)
Pawn Shops
Pest Control Operators
Pet Groomers
Pet Stores
Physical Therapists
Piano Tuners
Piano Tuning
Pilates Studios
Plastering or Stucco Work
Plastic or Rubber Goods Mfg. - household - NOC
Plastic or Rubber Goods Mfg. - other than household - NOC
Plastic or Rubber Supply Goods Distributors
Plays/Theater Performances
Plumbing - commercial and industrial
Plumbing - residential or domestic
Plumbing Supplies and Fixtures Dealers and Distributors
Pony Rides
Pressure Washers
Private Investigators
Professional Liability
Recycling Center
Refrigeration Equipment Dealers and Distributors only - commercial
Refrigeration Systems or Equipment - dealers & distributors & installation/ servicing or repair - commercial
Rental Stores
Repair Shops
Restaurants - refreshment stands
Restaurants - with no sale of alcohol - without dance floor
Restaurants - with sale of alcohol less than 75% of total receipts
Restaurants - with sales of alcoholic beverages that are more than 75% of the total annual receipts
Retail Stores
Rod and Gun Clubs
Rug Cleaners
Running/walking events
RV/Mobile Home Parks
Second Hand Goods
Security Guards - Armed
Security Guards - Unarmed
Septic Tank Cleaning
Septic Tank Systems - cleaning
Septic Tank Systems - installation/ servicing or repair
Sheet Metal Work
Sheet Metal Work - outside
Sheet Metal Work - shop only
Shoe Repair Shops
Shoe Stores
Shooting Ranges
Shopping Center - Building or premises not occupied by the insured (lessor's risk only)
Shopping Centers
Siding Installation
Sign Erection/ Installation or Repair
Sign Mfg. - electrical
Sign Mfg. - other than electrical
Sign Painting or Lettering - inside of buildings
Sign Painting or Lettering on Buildings or Structures
Snow Removal
Special Events
Specialty Training Schools
Sport Camps
Sport Instructors
Sport Leagues
Sporting Goods or Athletic Equipment Distributors
Sporting Goods or Athletic Equipment Stores
Stationery or Paper Products Stores
Stone Cutting or Polishing
Stores - no food or drink
Stores - food or drink
Street Dances
Strip Shopping Centers
Surveyors - land - not engaged in actual construction
Swimming Pool and Maintenance
Swimming Pools - commercially operated
Swimming Pools - installation/ servicing or repair - above ground
Swimming Pools - installation/ servicing or repair - below ground
Tanning Spas
Television or Radio Receiving Set Installation or repair
Tent or Canopy Mfg.
Tent or Canvas Goods - erection/ removal or repair/ away from shop
Textile Bleaching/ Dyeing/ Mercerizing/ Printing/ Finishing or Silk Screening - new goods
Textile Mfg. - impregnated or coated
Textile Products Mfg. - fabricated
Tile, Stone Installation
Tile/ Stone/ Marble/ Mosaic or Terrazzo Work - interior construction
Tobacco Products Mfg. - cigars or cigarettes
Tobacco Products Mfg. - other
Tobacco Products Mfg. - plug or snuff
Tobacco Products Distributors
Tobacco Products Stores
Tobacco Rehandling or Warehousing
Townhouses or Similar Associations (association risk only)
Toy Distributors
Toy Stores
Tractor Pulls
Trade Events
Trap, Skeet and Sporting Clay
Tree Pruning/ Dusting/ Spraying/ Repairing/ Trimming or Fumigating
Tree Trimmers
Umbrella (Limits up to $5 million)
Upholstering - shop only
Vacant Land
Vacant Land / Property
Vending Machine Operations
Venetian Blinds Mfg. or Assembling
Veterinarian or Veterinary Hospitals
VFW/Legion Halls
Warehouse - cold storage - public
Warehouse - cold individual storage lockers
Warehouse – mini warehouse
Warehouse - occupied by multiple interests (lessor's risk only)
Warehouse - occupied by single interests (lessor's risk only)
Warehouse - Private
Water Softening Equipment - installation, servicing or repair
Welding or Cutting
Window Cleaners
Window Cleaning
Yoga Studios